Easy on-line access
to country-specific information, including:

  • Property Tax System
  • Number of Properties
  • Legislation
  • Property Subject to Taxation
  • Property Exempt from Taxation
  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Assessment Value Standard
  • Level of Government Responsible
    for Assessment
  • Level of Government Responsible
    for Taxation
  • Assessment Process
  • Property Tax Calculations
  • Reporting and Compliance Requirements
  • Property Registration
  • Property Tax Payments
  • Appeal Process

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WELCOME to IPTIpedia, the International Property Tax Institute’s (IPTI) international property tax and assessment database. For more information on IPTI, visit www.ipti.org

Readers should be aware that, for some countries, property tax revenues included in statistics published by the OECD and other organizations include non-recurrent property taxes such as transfer and/or inheritance taxes. Where possible, IPTI will identify what is included in the figures shown in IPTIpedia.

IPTIpedia provides reliable, unbiased information for the global property assessment and tax expert. Information is continuously updated and provides the subscriber with a consolidated database on tax and assessment methodologies around the world.

Data integrity is assured by IPTI’s Country Representatives who are international property tax and assessment experts from both the public and private sectors. Data is updated annually or 'as needed' and countries are being added as opportunities allow. Country profiles are also linked to IPTI's Xtracts bringing latest news about latest developments. Changes to IPTIpedia are reviewed and verified by an Editorial Board, ensuring that IPTIpedia remains a reliable source of unbiased and current information. In addition to the internally obtained information, data has been compiled from external sources including the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Council on State Taxation.

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